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Need-Based Scholarships

Connect to Uganda is committed to providing kids in Uganda the best opportunity to succeed - and that typically means the chance to go to school.  Our model supports the teacher salaries and lunch at Bubago Lutheran Primary School so that many students' families can provide the remainder of their school fees.

Unfortunately, there are still some families who need more help to send their children to school. Our answer? Need-based scholarships (NBS).


Scholarships are awarded by Connect to Uganda based on recommendations from the Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU). Their submissions for the program include students whose families are unable to pay school fees or provide in-kind donations to serve as school fees, and those with circumstances that prevent them from being able to go to school without financial assistance. 


Once a child is recommended by the LCU, a member of the Connect to Uganda staff will conduct an in-home interview to confirm need. 


If accepted into the program, parameters will be created collaboratively by the parent/guardian, student, and C2U for performance, behavior, and family involvement.  A contract will be signed by all three.  Parents/guardians will be required to contribute financially, no matter how small the amount.

The Need-Based Scholarship (NBS) program differs from traditional sponsorship programs because of the elements of family engagement, academic performance criteria and acceptable behavior expectations at home, in the community and school, all which are required to stay in the NBS program.  Student and parent/guardian accountability and contribution are also vital pieces of the agreement.

Need based scholarships are currently being awarded only for primary students.  Day school candidates will attend Bubago Lutheran Primary School, where Connect to Uganda partners.  Occasionally there is a need for a boarding school for a student; these kids will be placed in Christ Community Lutheran School in Kawete.

Scholarship funds for primary students at Bubago are $250/year or $21/month and provide tuition, two school uniforms, shoes, and lunch at school each day, a mosquito net and support for medical needs, school structures and administration.  Depending upon the family’s ability to contribute financially, some of the support may also be used for school supplies. 


These students have been admitted to the NBS program and are looking for their scholarship connection:

You will receive a student profile with information about the life of the student you choose, their family and their school.  You can expect academic updates and thank you notes as well.


You will be given 2-3 opportunities to communicate with your student by letter each year. You are welcome to include photos!  This communication will be hand-delivered by C2U staff.

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