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C2U Board of Directors

Board Member Expectations

The Board of Directors is the governing body of Connect to Uganda (C2U). It is imperative that each member believes in the importance of the mission: to connect resources and relationships to Uganda to empower communities and improve lives. Board members are expected to safeguard the mission and vision of C2U and help set the strategic direction of the organization.

Responsibilities include oversight in the following areas:


The board of directors will monitor C2U’s fiscal management. The board will review and approve the annual budget and answer to funding sources and donors. As such, the board will make sure that C2U’s money is effectively and efficiently used. It is also the board of directors' duty to ensure that the organization has appropriate resources to meet its mission. Each board member will be expected to contribute financially to C2U, in whatever amount is suited to their personal capacity.


The C2U board of directors will review and select an Executive Director to lead the organization. They will also evaluate the Executive Director annually.  Board members will be expected to recruit, motivate, and thank volunteers.


The board of directors will evaluate C2U’s effectiveness. They will determine how well the mission is fulfilled, review plans for major programs, and ensure that the organization's values and visions are always at the forefront of any action. The board of directors, with input from the executive director, will outline long-term plans for the organization.

Public Relations

The board of directors will represent the organization to the public. Board members will be expected to raise interest, awareness and funds. They will also be able to effectively convey  C2U’s mission and accomplishments to garner community support.

Board Member Memorandum of Understanding

  • I will communicate Connect to Uganda’s work and mission to the community and represent the organization when requested.

  • I will attend at least 75 percent of board meetings.

  • I will be a part of at least one committee and attend 75 percent of those meetings.

  • I will make every effort to attend Connect to Uganda special events.

  • I will give a financial contribution specifically to fund the operations of Connect to Uganda, making it a priority in my philanthropy.

  • I will actively participate in one or more fundraising activity.

  • I will act in the best interests of Connect to Uganda and will excuse myself from any discussions or votes where I have a conflict of interest.

  • I will stay informed about what is happening with Connect to Uganda.  I will ask questions, read emails, participate in discussion and take responsibility for decisions that are made regarding policies, budgets and other board matters.

  • I will work in good faith with staff and other board members as partners to achieve our goals.

  • If I do not fulfill these commitments to Connect to Uganda, I will expect the board president to contact me to discuss my responsibilities.

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