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Latest C2U News


Permanent School Structure Construction

Bishop Charles Bameka of the Lutheran Church of Uganda, led a dedication of the construction project that will result in the first block of the permanent structure for Bubago Lutheran Nursery & Primary School!  This block will include three classrooms, offices, storage and a library!  This is a big step forward for this community.

Graduation for Far Away Friends

Six women in the tailoring program of the Far Away Friends recently graduated! They were given sewing machines and other supplies. Four of the women will continue to work in the sewing center and two will launch businesses of their own, under the watchful eye of the FAF Administrator. We are so excited about the future for these women!


Poultry Project Launched

The poultry house for the Far Away Friends poultry project was officially dedicated during our recent visit. We are so excited about this partnership with Pennies for Poultry that will allow women to learn the proper way to raise chickens to lay eggs.  It's another way for the women to generate income to support their families!

Clean Water for Akia

Connect to Uganda was thrilled to be able to fund a new borehole well for the village of Akia, outside of Lira.  This well will provide clean, accessible water for over 600 families.  This project is part of C2U's Strength Initiative that brings better health to people in Uganda.

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