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Education plays a big role in providing kids the best opportunity to succeed. That's why

Connect to Uganda includes education in our Opportunity initiative. 


In Uganda, parents are required to pay fees before their children can attend school. These fees cover operating expenses such as:

  • Teacher Salaries

  • School Lunches

  • Supplies for Teachers


    In the rural areas where we work, paying those school fees is close to impossible for many families.

Connect to Uganda is commited to finding ways for more children to attend school while honoring the need for parents to be vested in their child's education. We also believe alleviating hunger helps kids learn better. We believe a solution can be found in providing Love in a Lunch!

Through our partnership with the Lutheran Church of Uganda, we know that:

  • $15 per month feeds 2 students

  • $20 per month feeds 3 students

  • $30 per month feeds 5 students

Every dollar will lower the school fees families are required to pay and ensure students get at least one meal every day. Through the Love in a Lunch program, parents will face more affordable fees and more kids will be in school with the guarantee of lunch.

Join us as we fight hunger and improve a child's chance for success!  Your recurring monthly gift will change the future for a child in Uganda.

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