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Scholarship Student Communication

Students in the Need-Based Scholarship program love to hear from the people who are making it possible for them to go to school.   Our next visit is June 28th and we would love to take a card or letter and photos from you and your family!

In your note, you might mention the keychain your NBS student sent you after our last visit!

If you're interested, you can send a tshirt or dress to the student you sponsor.  We can help with sizes. Or you can make a $10 donation below and we will shop for you.  

Mail your card/letter to:

Connect to Uganda

18847 Hardt Road

Wildwood, MO 63038

Or you can email a letter and photo to

DEADLINE: June 21st

If you need help with your student's name, just let us know!    We'll be purchasing some small, practical gifts during our visit as well, funded by your scholarship support.

Thank you!!

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