Far Away Friends

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Join the Far Away Friends program and change the life of a woman in Uganda!

By committing to a $12 donation per month or $144 per year, you will make a special connection with a woman in the village of Bubago.  We will send you her photo and some information about her and her family. You can write a letter to your Far Away Friend twice a year.  Include your photo if you want!  We'll let you know when we will make our next delivery. 

Women in Uganda hold the family together.  Many are young mothers and encouragement from another woman in the US would mean so much!  Other women in Bubago are older and care for not only their own children, but those of other family members as well.  Empowering them to generate more income to support their family can change their life!


We’ll use the money to support training and the start-up of a small business for the women' s group.   We’ll share communication from the women at least twice a year and provide updates quarterly.

Make a special connection and sign up below!

Gifts for our Far Away Friends - July 2022

Do you get free makeup bags when you make a purchase? Or maybe you subscribe to a monthly makeup delivery that includes a bag?  We would love to take some of those to our Far Away Friends this July!

We hope to include a lip gloss in each one as well. (Something with just a little bit of color would be great!)

You can send bags and/or lip gloss to us at:

Connect to Uganda

18847 Hardt Road

Wildwood, MO 63038

Or you can donate to help us make a purchase here.  A $10 gift

will cover 2 women!

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