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Pastor Support in Uganda

Connect to Uganda made a early on to partner with the Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU). The pastors who serve in Uganda receive little to no support from the church body.  We hope to support them with small business grants that will allow them to start a business that their family can operate to generate income. This will allow a pastor to fulfill his ministry obligations while knowing his family's basic needs are being met.

We spoke with several pastors in Uganda and asked about their reasons for being in ministry. Here is what we learned:

"It was my dream from childhood as I grew up watching very few pastors who were serving the Lutheran church."

"I believe God wanted me to serve His people."

"It is a call I have had since I was young.  I became a pastor because of the love I have to proclaim the word of God."

"I love being a role model for both young and old people."

Some of their challenges include:

"Finding ways to reach people with the Word in the language they understand best.  Most of the Lutheran literature is in English."

"The biggest challenge in my ministry is lack of daily income generating project that will allow my ministry to move smoothly."

"My biggest challenge is how to support my family; needs like education for my children.  Most of my time is committed to the church."

Donating to Connect to Uganda is a simple way to support the growing Lutheran Church!

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