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Making Connections

That Create Change

Connect to Uganda exists to serve by creating meaningful relationships and partnerships between our friends in Uganda and  the U.S. We recognize the potential that exists in communities in Uganda. We know that true change only comes about when everyone works together. As a result, we seek to be the catalyst that joins individuals, groups, organizations, companies, and families together to create lasting change through projects meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of communities in Uganda, helping increase their strength, opportunities, and faith.

Your support for Connect to Uganda's initiatives of strength, opportunity, and faith will allow us to improve health, provide business and education opportunities, and grow the ministry of the Lutheran Church of Uganda. You can start to make your connection today via your support of these initiatives,  by participating in any of our programs, or by joining a team that travels to Uganda.


We exist to mobilize resources and relationships to

empower communities and improve lives in Uganda.

Our vision is a Uganda where everyone thrives!

Ready to Connect?


Here's How It Works

As a pillar in the communities we work with, church and community leadership determine and communicate needs. As their partner, we share these needs with our friends in the U.S. and look for ways to meet those needs. We then work with you to determine how you would best like to be involved in the mission in Uganda. We know it is important to see the impact of your support, and we are committed to creating a relationship between you and the people you are helping.





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