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Deciding to Go

Making the decision to go on any trip is a big one.  Deciding to embark on a two-week Connect to Uganda See & Serve Uganda trip and leaving family behind is a HUGE decision!  We recognize that isn’t easy and asked some recent team members what goes into making that choice.


Often, experience is a factor. For some, it’s a lifetime of exposure to mission work. One team member grew up in a family where her father was a headmaster and teacher in Hong Kong and Venezuela; she lived overseas for twelve years! She saw mission work firsthand.


Other team members went on trips during their high school and college years that exposed them to life in other countries and allowed them to help families build a new home. A desire to help is firmly planted in their hearts and minds.

Still others have always had a desire to GO - not only support missionaries (which is so very important) - but to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Many times, the journey to saying “yes” to going on a C2U trip begins with curiosity. What will we do? How long does it take to get there? How will I pay for it? Do I have the right skills? How does God work in Uganda – different from in the US?


As those questions are answered, most of the time people feel God strengthening that desire to go and to serve.  He opens doors as He addresses the concerns.  Time off work? Got it. Vaccines? Done. Funding? Check. God opens the doors and team members take the next step as the excitement grows.  And a team is formed!


Some go hoping to make new friends (from the US and Uganda), others hope to strengthen existing friendships, but all hope to make connections.  Stories will be shared when we return that we hope will connect people here with the people we serve in Uganda.


This group is excited and has been working hard to plan and prepare so that they can serve in the best way possible. Pray for them as they now focus on getting their personal lives prepared – packing, making arrangements to leave their families for two weeks, etc.  They are excited and ready to see what God has in store for each of us!

Thank you to Laurie, Christine and Tori for their input for this post!


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