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Meeting My Far Away Friend

As I prepared for  my trip to Uganda this past spring many “questions” floated through my thoughts!  Many of those questions surrounded meeting my Far Away Friend, Jennifer!  Will I recognize her?  When will I meet her?  What will I say to her since we don’t speak the same language?  With reminders to let God take care of the details, I boarded a plane (multiple ones, in fact) to begin the journey that would eventually bring me to Bubago!

The excitement of our arrival in Bubago was joyous with shouts of “welcome”, drums drumming and many hugs!  As I looked around at the women I wondered … Is that Jennifer?  Is that Jennifer?  And then there she was … I was being introduced to her!  She gave me the biggest dancing hug and I gave her one in return!  I told her I never thought I would get to meet her!  It was a moment of happy tears … I had a friend in Uganda … and I had was able to meet her!

Over the next few days the team spent time with the women in the Far Away Friends program.  Each time Jennifer’s smile said “hello” when I saw her.  Each of those encounters warmed my heart! I was also able to see the impact of my monthly gift … providing support, encouraging community and comraderie among the women and providing opportunities for education and leadership.

Our last day in Bubago closed on another high note!  It was graduation day for the Far Away Friends!  The excitment in the air was papable!  When the women’s names were called they came forward with enthusiasm and joy as they received their certificate of completion.  I was able to present Jennifer with her certificate and give her a hug!  It was a proud moment for me … to know I had a very small part in her journey to get to this point!  

As the sun was setting and we were heading to the bus I had a unexpected meeting!  Jennifer was walking across the field with her mom.  I was introduced as “Jennifer’s Far Away Friend”. What an honor to be introduced that way!  It is also a name that I am proud to have!

Meeting my Far Away Friend was a memorable part of my trip to Uganda … it was an emotion packed moment I will not forget! 

-- Suzanne

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